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Frank Carver is an entrepreneur, innovator,
software developer,
researcher, writerr,
audio / video maker
and game designer
This site is a central point of access for the many things Frank is involved in

  • Bookpuddle logo

    Book Puddle

    An easy and friendly way to recommend the books you love.

  • Baasalt logo


    Add "gamification" to your app, site, or service the easy way. Just tell our back-end system when a user does something on your app or site, and we will do the rest.

  • Rack4java logo

    Rack 4 Java

    A simple yet powerful interface between a web server and your Java web application. Based on lessons learned from "Rack", the server interface standard for Ruby appications, and arguably much more useful than the Servlet API.

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    Stringtree and Mojasef

    A collection of Java APIs and components which together form a powerful and effective way to develop software. Wherever possible, the components which form the Stringtree collection may be used independently, but the biggest benefits come when they are used together.