I am experienced in all aspects of software development, including object-oriented technologies, user-interface design, network and internet protocols, web and mobile technology, development process and software version control systems. I have evaluated a wide variety of computer and software systems and am confident in specifying architectures and solutions for real-world problems. I have teaching, training, organisational and management experience as well as military and leadership training. I am especially familiar with web and server-side Java and J2EE including wap, servlet, XML, XSLT, JSP, JDBC and Web Services. I have a deep understanding of web frameworks (Struts, Spring MVC, mojasef and many others) dynamic web page generation and the integration of modern web and server-side technologies with legacy software.

I am a qualified, experienced and flexible teacher and trainer, familiar with classroom teaching, on-the-job training, and distance learning. I have good communication, collaboration and mentoring skills and work well in a team environment.

General Resumé

This document gives an overview of my career, describing the breadth and development of general experience.

Other formats available on request.

Software Development CV

This document drills down into the technical details of work I have done for specific clients.

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Academic Curriculum Vitae

This document explains ny academic experience.

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